When a guy just won't stop texting you... What to do?! Please!

He's possessive, agressive and very annoying... We talked a few times and then he asked me to go out with him, obviously I said that I was busy. The next thing I know he sents me a text saying I'm a liar and a bitch and I won't go out with him because he's ugly and he's been wasting his time with me and oher rude things. I was like wow this dude has serious problems...

So few years passed and he texted me again... I talked to him for five days just to be nice, and then he asked me out again... he can be very persuasive.. I just stopped texting back.. It's been a month now and he texts me almost every day saying "Hey" or "Are you mad? If you don't wanna talk to me just say it!" and he just won't stop omg! Every frickin day!

I don't know what to do? Do I keep ignoring him till he stops? Should I change my number? I don't want to tell him the truth because I'm kinda scared too...


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  • If you are not interested in him, then be direct about it, don't ignore it. You can't ignore a situation that you fostered... Basically by continuing to talk to him when you weren't interested, you were leading him on. You might of liked the attention before it developed into an annoyance which is why he thought you might of been interested. Then latter on you reestablished contact again leading him on. Just tell him, I'm not interested in you, stop contacting me I am blocking your number. Then block him and move on. By being "nice" you are only continuing to drag it out.


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  • first ..is he fifteen or something (I won't go out with him because he's ugly .) it sound's so childish

    secondly.. yeah I guess you should keep ignoring him or you can text him that you don't him to talk to you again

  • It's dead simple. He claimed that if you don't want to talk to him, you just need to say it.

    the silence is what's freaking him out.

    Send him this text message.



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  • If you have a smartphone, there are free apps you can download to block certain numbers, I've known a few people that used an app like that.

    If you don't, call your carrier and block him that way.

    Just tell him you're not interested and to leave you alone. Then you can block him after that if he keeps it up.