Guys do you think that acting like cheap sluts is cute?

Because it's not I'm telling you! I mean get some self respect and have some class boy.And those fb covers of your chest are trashy. This guy was bragging how easy this girl was and he said I'm girlfriend material and that he dates good girls blah blah blah. Honey did you seriously think that telling me how you "smashed" some "easy chick" would earn you some points with me you're an idiot. You roll in the mud you're a pig. Why do these cheap sluts think good girls want them? Good girls date gentlemen thank you very much! So guys you seriously think this is cute girls share your experiences are you desperate enough to date these men?


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  • Oh no its the biggest turn off for me I wouldent think it was the slightest bit cute.Cute for me is when a girl is sweet and caring.

    • Did you even read the question? This question is about men not women?

    • yeah I did just never heard of a guy acting like a slut it threw me off sorry... but still no I don't think acting like a slut would be cute.

    • And the chest part... sorry I'm A.D.D lol...


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  • To be honest, taking sexy pictures of myself would make me feel gay. And posting them for others to see would make it even worse.

    I don't mention anything sexual about girls to other girls, because I don't want them telling me sexual things about other guys.

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  • Some people just love to brag about their conquests because they think it makes them look desirable. I agree, it repulses me as well.