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Why is it that guys keep asking me to come over to their house?

So I am on an online dating site... I have met two guys so far,and both for the second date has asked me to meet at their house for the second date... Show More

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  • It is code for sex. You're not the only one who feels that way, but not everyone feels that way. I'd assume these guys are essentially looking for hookups, not dating, and only do a first 'date' because you haven't met and understand you want to meet in person. Now that you have they're offering fwb. If you don't want it, decline.

  • Those guys are shallow and stupid. They just want sex. And don't ever give into that, its just demeaning and I'm sure your better than that. I would never treat a girl like that, even a girl online I didn't know. I respect women first, no matter how horny I might feel. Some girls are attracted to men who move fast like this or are quick to be physical. I never had understood that

  • You must realize that online guys are horny and shallow idiots who are looking for a quick bang.

  • You are naive, dear. Come over and watch a movie while I ply you with drinks, cheap cologne and rohypnol is what you should be reading into this. This is how date rape happens. Probably not every guy is out for that, but likely 95 percent are. Stay away.

  • The guys just want sex, you shouldn't go, pls respect your body, sex is not true love, a guy has to love you rather then just lusting forbyour body, you do it after marriage andbonly with your husband, to take or not my suggestion is upto you.

  • 'wanna come watch a movie' was part of the college dorm's warnings for freshmen girls meaning do you want to come have sex. guess it hasn't changed...

  • There losers looking for fast sex. Don't give in!

    • Ha,I have no desire to give in.I just feel almost like it is a test to see if they can get laid quickly.Gross.I'm not into it.

    • Haha! these guys are going to be jerking it for a while. LOL

      good for you!

What Girls Said 2

  • Online dating has a bunch of horny weird guys. They just want to get under your pants. I hate to break it because I found more dysfunctional guys who can't do normal dating and is looking for casual sex.

    • It's either "in your pants" or "under your skirt," dear. But fundamentally you're right. +1.

    • Not all guys are dysfunctional and can't or don't want to do normal dating. I'm a guy and I disagree with casual sex being the norm nowadays. People should date or at least have feelings if they want to have sex and even then it shouldn't be all about sex.

    • Asdaven, but you have the patience to wait. I have guy friends who like to hit and leave it. That is why they likes to party and meet girl at the bar. Quality, no. Quantity, sure. It is hit and leave it type who move fast. They are not in love with you, they are looking for a sexual satisfaction for that day/week. Just my two cents.

  • They're def looking for a casual sex

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