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For the past 6 months he has been trying to meet up with me. We met on a dating site, but I lost interest, I don't want to tell him that. I'm afraid. I have however seen him in person twice. Once in my city and once at work. (He works down the street) I know..it's a shock. We didn't exhange words or anything. Just looks. We started talking again and he always wants to make plans to chill. I usually make up an excuse, why is he like this?


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  • Why are you afraid to tell him you're not interested in him? You can do that without actually telling him in those exact words. Ignoring someone is the best way to show disinterest in another person, and that person will soon catch on and look elsewhere. In other words, stop talking with him online so much and start talking less. If you like talking with him even if you're not interested in him is a waste of your time unless you nothing better to do, but you can still do that if you want to but what would be the object? By continuing to talk with him a lot you're giving him the impression you at least sorta like him, and since he lives close enough, that could have a not so good ending. So just start ignoring him more and you should find he'll stop asking you to chill and wanting to make plans with you. He's like that because when you talk with him you're encouraging him in some way... by the way you chat with him... by the things you say and the interest you're been showing in him by your questions, etc. Good luck!


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  • Please, please, please get the courage to tell him, you owe him that. Having just found out the girl I was dating was lying to me and seeing someone behind my back, I would have loved if she had rather told me "let's just be friends". Many people lack the courage and respect to show honesty and respect. Don't be one of those people, just be honest and tell him.

  • Why are you still taking to him? What the f*** are you doing not telling him you don't want to meet him?

    It's the f***ing internet, if he sees you in real life and doesn't start a conversation with you, irl then ... he whatever.. I don't care.


    What the hell is your problem?



    Don't answer.

    I know.

    You're not an open and honest person. That's it. There's mental whatever in the way, but ultimately you're not open or honest.

    And,for everyone thinking I'm a huge d*** for posting this way... whatever.

    If you knew what I knew, you'd be pissed too. Doesn't matter your gender.

    I can be the Alex Jones of dating.

    • Guys play games all the time

  • You definitely are sending him mixed messages by not being up front with him. Considering the amount of time the two of you have talked, it's not appropriate to just cold shoulder him. It's not always easy to be upfront in dating, however, it typically gets direct results. Yes he may lash out & say rude things. He might take the route I prefer & wish you luck. Either way, it's best just to tell him you're no longer interested.


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  • He's like this because you won't tell him you're not interested. It's kind of awkward, sure, but that's the nature of dating - especially online dating. Don't leave the guy hanging. Just send him a message letting him know that you're not sure the two of you are compatible, and invite him to continue talking as friends. That will give him the hint pretty quickly. Right now you're just stringing him along.

  • Just tell him,it's not like you properly dated him and then acted this way he can't get that hurt from it. I'm sure if it was the other way around you'd want him to be honest and tell you so you may have to.