If he hasn't text me in 5 days, is it over?

My boyfriend hasn't texted me since last Thursday when he said he was feeling sick and miserable. I sent him a few texts all week which went unanswered.

Is it pretty much over between us? What kind of man who is 24 years old can't even tell me that he wants to call it quits at least over a text?

I'm really sad because I honestly thought we had something great going.

Anddddd I feel like crying my eyes out :) I actually did cry my eyes out last Wednesday because he didn't text me. But then he did that Thursday (like I said) however its been a week and he hasn't said a word to me.

Last night I said "Hi, get better soon cause I miss you!" and before that I asked him how he's holding up on Saturday and Monday. All 3 of my texts went unanswered.

We'd been dating for a little over 2 months and I kid you not, he showed me no signs that he wanted to break up.

Btw, he did say that he's still going in for work and he goes to night classes twice a week. So I think he has at least a second to let me know that he's still alive.
I think what makes it worse, everyone, is that I slept with him a few weeks back and it was my first time sleeping with a guy. Then the next time he wanted to sleep with me, I told him we need to wait til I get on birth control because I wanted to be extra safe. But would a guy really dump his girlfriend for that? I don't know :/


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  • You're the only one assuming he's breaking up.

    You just have no idea how guys can go days without texting, but we can. Especially when something else is going on, like work, or sickness.

    • Even if your girl is texting you, asking you how you're doing, you wouldn't answer her?

    • It's possible, yes, because guys don't put the same importance on text that girls do.

      For you, it'd be unthinkable. For a guy, it's not that important.

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  • 5 days? Idk. He could have lost his phone. Something else could have happened. 5 days with texting isn't so long. Idk, you might be over thinking things...it's not like any woman as ever done that before lol...just kidding

  • Sounds like a loser can't even text you back. Can't be that into you. If I was you I would be the one to break up with him send him a text telling him its over. Or you could call him.

  • Try calling him instead of texting, i dont know about other guys but im not big on texting either

  • You actually texted him cause you cared about his well being and he didn't respond. Sorry He's a a 24yr old loser! aww and don't cry hun. :( He's not worth it. How long does it take to send a text. 5seconds. and he can't do that?

    • That's what all my friends say but I can't help it. This has always been my problem... I get too attached and then so sad when it doesn't work out. I stopped dating for the past 4 years because of it and just when I open my heart again to give it another try, it ends up breaking -___- I think I'm just gonna stop dating cause its too much.

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    • take the time you need sweetie. Keep your head up :)

    • Thanks, I needed that :)

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  • If a person needs space than they need to COMMUNICATE that need.

    I can understand going a few days without talking, that's cool but what is not cool is it being a week "however its been a week and he hasn't said a word to me" without hearing from them esp since you sent 3 messages.

    You need to pick up the phone and call him or send him a Facebook message saying its not cool and that if he wants to end things he needs to communicate with you.

    • You think I should say that? He has a Fb but he hasn't been on it for years. So, I'd have to send him a text. What should I say? I don't want to sound rude or mean because what if he doesn't want to break up? I really wish he'd freaking text or call me and just let me know what's up!

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    • She should do it because he doesn't have the balls to that's why. She needs to call him out on it and not hid in the corner waiting for him she needs to end it. Why wait for him. If I were you I would message him saying "Hey I've been thinking and I'm interested in continuing this any more. Take care." Why let him dump you?

    • Esp if he is still going to work and night classes. Don't worry about rude to him, just send a simple text ending it and he;'ll most likely be all like "omg omg what? why? lets talk omg omg"...(or something, point is that will get his attention and you should walk away) of its like this 2 months into think about 6.

  • I think its best you take a phone and call him. Sometimes texting is not good.

  • Yeah tbh he could be dumping you by not responding,but if you ask me it's not worth fretting over as it shows he does not have the decency to actually tell you what's going on. Some guys think this is an easy option to do this,but I find it makes it like twice as bad. Either that or he's wrapping you around his little finger,because he can have you run after him and thinks it's funny sorry to say he could have lost interest which again would mean he's dumping you via not talking. There are many possibilities with something like this. I'd say leave it couple more days and ring him. If not give up,because you'll give yourself more heartache waiting around and also make yourself look and feel bad. As for the sex,sorry to say but yes he could of just used you and now moved on to the next one. If you ask me don't let him make you be his fool,if this continues just put your head up high and walk on. Surround yourself with your friends and have fun!

  • This is how a 2 month long relationship of mine ended actually, he never broke up with me, he just ignored me and never spoke to me again. It was so weird.

    If he can't even respond to you, he's being a jerk. Don't text him anymore, he owes you an apology for ignoring you. Let him come to you now, if he does. If not, try to move on.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you. And I agree, I deserve an apology and an explanation for what the heck is going on. And if he says he was sick, I have a counter: I was sick a few months back and actually had to go to the hospital at night. I STILL found the time during that month long period of texting and calling my closest friends to let them know all was well. And yup, no more texting him until he makes the move now.

  • he's a loser. move on.