How much is too much?

There's a guy I have a crush on in school and somedays we talk a little bit but recently we've been texting a lot. I've always been the first one to start the conversation and sometimes he doesn't reply very fast so I don't reply right away on purpose Because I feel clingy. How much is to much texting and should I wait for him to start the conversation? He's kinda shy so I'm thinking he would be to nervous to start a conversation. What do you think?


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  • Personally being a pretty shy guy myself I would say keep starting the conversation. If he is interested that might be all it takes to get things started and eventually he will start starting conversations. The reason he doesn't always reply quickly could easily be an issue with your/his phone or connection. In addition he may not be very experienced with texting. I know that until recently I almost never used my phone for anything and now, since a girl starting texting me, I have begun to use it a lot more. Overall if you really like him, just be persistent and he should hopefully loosen up/ open up. I have a couple classes with one girl who continually "messed with me," in a good way, and I can say that have started to get less shy and more open. Good Luck!

  • yeah I'd wait for him to start the conversation


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