Should I be upset with my ex for this?

Ok So my ex has tried to get into contact with me for a couple of months since last October. I blew him off a couple of times because I felt like he only wanted to talk to me because he was 'lonely' after he broke up with his last gf.

Well in the beginning of January, I gave in and we started talking. About 3 weeks ago he was talking to my best friend about how he still cares about me, loves me and still has feelings for me and wants to start of slow this time as friends again to get to know me. He doesn't want to hurt me. She told him that I still care for him and still have those feelings for him.

Well about 2 weeks ago we ended up have s-x...and I haven't heard from him after that. Nothing. I've texted him once last week after asking him how he was. He always answers but makes no effort anymore. He used to text me ever other day. I know he works a lot and he's on a football team but a text wouldn't hurt would it? I mean he would always get upset when I never texted or called him. He'd let me know. Also the guy lives 15 minutes away from me. I know I told myself not to expect anything from him because we're just friend's, but I think that's kinda shady.

If you heard your ex had feelings for you and still cared about you. Would you do that and not talk to them or make any effort for two weeks? I pretty much feel like I've been used and it's hurts like a mother. Especially when he knows how I feel and he says he doesn't want to hurt me..

Am I overreacting? Should I wait for him to initiate contact or text him? Or forget about him? I don't know what to think..


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  • your anger isn't all that justified


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  • Wait for him to initiate contact. Because if he does, he's not only up for hook up and just cares for you. If he doesn't, you know what he only wants.

  • its all about his effort for you. since you're not really official you really can't be too mad, but imo you should sleep with an ex unless its official, it will only complicate things.

    • That's true. I guess it's a mistake on my part. I regret it now. You live and you learn :/

    • Well what's Done is Done, keep your Head up, that Great Guy will always Fight to make time for you. :)

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  • I would stop contacting him and see if he gets in touch with you. If he doesn't, you know what his intentions were then... If he gets back in touch, try to figure out why he didn't contact you before, that all the effort came from your side.

    • I was going to but seeing this now I'm not, better to just leave it..thanks

    • You're welcome. Just remember the facts when he tries to get in touch with you.