I don't understand him.

He says he likes me and says we're talking but barely texts me and when we do see each other we talk but we don't really have that much time to talk. When he first told me he liked me he texted me like 5 days a week and I liked that and now he barely texts me once a week. He told me on Wednesday that he really does like me, but I just feel like he doesn't show it though. I don't know what to do, I don't wanna seem clingy either.


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  • He must be really busy. Try inviting him to hang out more with you, so that he can open up with you better.


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  • You could tell him how you feel. Maybe he doesn't know how bothered you are with it? When he tells you he likes you, just tell him that you'd like it if he shows it more. Don't give him hints, don't wait until he gets it, because he can't smell what you think, right? Right! So tell him what you want, clear, but not in a mean, upset kind of way.