Why does this guy keep calling and texting if he's not interested in me?

A guy I like basically rejected me after our first date. He told me he wanted to be friends. But he still calls and texts me every now and then just to talk, but I don't usually answer the phone because I hate talking on the phone, which seems to annoy him. He constantly brings it up. Recently he texted me asking how I was, but I didn't answer until the next night. He said he was busy but suggested another time. I said okay but he's yet to call or text me since then. Its been over a week. Prior to this I haven't heard from him in a month. Why does he keep contacting me if he isn't interested? I told him I wouldn't sleep with him so why bother continuing to call and text just to talk. He won't hang out with me. He's too busy. should I take the initiative and call him or wait for him remember I exist again?


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  • He just want to maintain friendship with you. There's nothing wrong with that.

  • maybe he finally realized your worth or wants to be friends. or he's an Attention Whore.


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