What do you think when you see couples where the girl is older?

I've never really let this bother me, and it never even stood out to me before, but apparently some people are bothered by it. Girls if your gfs started dating someone significantly younger how would you react, guys if one of your m8s started dating a girl 5-10 years older how would you feel/what would you say to him?


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  • 10 years younger is a bit much , But I wouldn't say anything . It's none of my business , 5-7 is fine . It's not like it' a 20 year age difference , Who knows she could look around his age . Happens all the time , You never know.


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  • I'm happy that they reject the "ideal" that a man has to be older than the woman to do what THEY want, even though the guy being older does work out for many. I like Schmuley Boteach's 15-year age difference rule (granted everyone is over 18). Mariah Carey is about 10 years older than Nick Cannon, and they're amazingly happy together. :)

  • I would find it strange, but I would accept it. If she is in love & with him for the right reasons then, I would support her.

    • lol why strange?

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    • Whatever. If you want to date older women then, go on ahead no one's stopping you.

    • Thats not what this is about I'm trying to understand the "its not normal" mentality yet nobody can explain it...

  • I agree with the comment below. It's none of my business and I'm not in a position to justify what relationship other people are in as far as age is concerned. If they are happy then I would be happy for them.

  • I have had young guys hit on me all the time. This is the young guys speaking not me. So all the young girls who read my answer do not get defensive. When I ask them why...they say they like older women because of their experience and the fact there is less drama than with younger girls. I am really not into young guys...but I love the attention I must confess.

  • i look at it kind of strange, not gonna lie. it depends. if she has some sex appeal I think "cougar!" or sometimes "sugar momma/cougar!" (depends on her type)

    if she's not attractive I think "she must have money"

    if she seems like the mommy type or even the very domineering type I think "mommy issues"

    it happens the other way around too, when the man is significantly older than the woman. but, 5 years older of a man and I don't think people would say anything unless the girl is under 20.

    on the other hand a woman 5 years older than a man is like a man being 8 years older than a woman, in all honesty, because an older man with a younger woman is more common/natural than vice versa.

    i dated an older man and I got it too:

    "how much is he paying you to be with him?" (no I don't look like a prostitute, they just mean because I'm not just more attractive than him but a lot younger looking)

    "daddy issues"

    "he must have a lot of money/success"

    "you are his trophy"

    "he must be good in bed"

    "he only likes you for sex"

    more than one of these was true but definitely not all of them!

    "it's all about the sex"

    • lol and because you got that you go on to judge others? what about if she's a perfectly gorgeous girl who could have any guy she wants but likes someone younger... how do you judge that?

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    • for the sake of it lets say 25 g 18 b or 28 g 22 b either of those OK by your standards?

    • why is that a problem?

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  • That would be admirable for him. I would just compliment my friend.

  • What a lucky son of a bitch.

  • I wouldn't have a problem with it. It's his life. I'd probably slap him on the back and congratulate him, bearing in mind that it probably took guts to hit on an older woman.

    I feel more emotionally mature than my age, so I could understand the attraction of an older woman. Unfortunately, I also look younger than my age, which can be annoying sometimes.