Does he think about me if he doesn't call?

If a guy is very affectionate with you while you're together - yet doesn't text or call all week ('cos he hates talking on the phone etc - yet also replies to the few calls or texts I've made immediately) do you think I'm still on his mind and that he misses me? Do guys think different in that way? As I'm missing him loads but I don't want to keep bugging him or tell him I really miss him as we're early stages.


Feeling pretty good about it now - thanks guys. Still don't understand you though - lol. I know women are more verbal and like chatting on the phone (I actually don't - but wouldn't mind a text sometime during the week just to let him know I'm still...
...alive!) That was interesting tho - fdsa1...he has said he's afraid of commitment - and last week, "Lets see where this is going" and then "would you come away with me for the weekend (in the future). And then "I want to marry one day but not until...
...or I can't unitl I'm financially secure" WHAT? So, guys, are these mixed signals, trying to put me off (with "I fancy the weekend but nothing long term") or is he just as bloody confused as I am?
No he's not married, never has been either. I know that for a fact. Curious though as to why you thought that if he didn't phone much? He does work very long hours/days and has to work away at times. But def not married, no.


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  • lol yes us men do think about our significant other when we are not around them...of course on varying levels but just because we don't call it doesn't mean we aren't thinking about's some reason why I don't call...

    1. I'm simply busy (I not a fan of calling or being called 3 times a day by the same girl)

    2. The most I call is 2 times a week...why? because again I'm not the needy type

    3. If it's over the phone it's so I can initiate a date, I can handle about 20 minutes of convo at most

    Again don't take it personal, but if he's not calling to take you out for a night in the town, or initiating then maybe he's not for you. The aggressive guy (me) hunts and goes for what he wants.

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      Oh he calls to make a date - then nothing until I meet him on the date. We go all week - although see each other most days - but cannot talk - just eye contact. He phones once a week to arrange the date!

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      Aah good...notice he calls with intention...that's good. You'll be just fine...