Guy I am dating stopped contacting me after I told him my boss threatened to fire me and that I am on watch

Monday, the day I almost lost my job. The guy I was dating phoned me an hr later than the set time for us to meet. I told him I had already left work, he was suppose to call, so no I won't be coming over. He told me call him when I et home we live an hour and a half apart.

Phoned twice no answer. So I texted him briefing the situation he texts back ‘okay babe call me tomorrow if you want’’. So I texted him what time are we on this evening he replies ‘’ think I will just study td’’. Since then we haven’t spoken. I do not know why he is acting this way we always met, talked on the phone, hang out with his friends, support each other. He acted okay when I substituted sex for oral sex with him twice. It wasn’t like I was providing for him he is independent.

The funny thing is I still like him a lot. I want to contact him but to prevent me from doing it to soon I deleted his number from my phone and I did not write it down anywhere. My only means of contact is Facebook. I am waiting to see if he will contact me.

Should I contact him, what should I say, how long should I wait? We have been going out for a month now. I cried over this dude last night. I do not know what’s going on.


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  • Dont cry over someone who's not willing to put the effort in towards you, because this is what he should be doing, so realize that if he is into you like you are him, he will get in touch, but if he doesn't, then he doesn't really care if he see's you again, so move on and save your talents for someone who is willing to show you he's worthy of them,x


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  • It sounds like he expects you to revolve your life around his schedule and he's ignoring you because you didn't change your schedule for him. Wait for him to contact you, if he does hang out or whatever, if he pulls that again he isn't worth your time.


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  • nothing, he sounds like a selfish ass. sounds kind of like a guy I dated who did not care about my convenience and needs and only wanted to see me when it was convenient for him and at times expected me to revolve my entire schedule around him and drop everything and would get mad when I didn't! these guys are awful, move on. sounds like he's just using you