Internet dating and sex sites - ditch him?

Been with a guy for over a year. I found out he was on Internet dating and sex sites. I'd seen some if the stuff he wrote. He denied it at first and tried to wriggle and lie his way out of it but he was caught red handed. He said he was lonely and just wanted to talk to people as he has no friends and we have a LDR. He'd get really angry if I brought it up but it made me feel awful. He was chatting these women up and saying he was looking for casual sex. I believe he did nothing physical but it was the thought.

Why couldn't he do what normal people do and talk on forums with both sexes and not ones about dating and sex. It makes me feel sh*t.

Should I ditch this douche bag and guys, have you done this and why would you do it when you say you love a girl and when she ditched you because of your behavior , you get distraught.


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  • He's making excuses. I think he clearly was looking for casual sex.

    Just ditch him.


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  • Sorry but I can't find anything positive here. As you know, there's plenty of chat forums for just about every topic, so the loneliness excuse doesn't work. If he can't handle a LDR and needs to find casual sex outside of it then you're not right for each other.


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  • yes...that's what's wrong with LDRs