He just liked photo of him and ex on Facebook?

I haven't been dating this guy for long, but he seemed really into me, buying me drinks, making me food, sex is incredible and laughing together. The last time I saw him was Thursday morning when I was leaving his to go to work. I was about to walk out of the door when he asked if I wanted breakfast. When I left, he said "see you later". Anyways, he added me on fb a while ago and before I did the usual stalk, including his ex-gf who he dated for two months.. not that long ago. She had put up two pics of the two of them out at the beginning of Feb... he hadn't liked them. Then today in my sidebar newsfeed I saw that he liked him tonight. ... could this mean something?


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  • It doesn't really mean anything. He already have you, and is having a great time having you by his side.


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  • I wouldn't worry about it.

  • what kind of photo? a sexy one? or was it her with something cool at someplace cool, etc... its OK he has contact with his ex but it depends why he liked that pic... it could be totally innocent, it depends... either way I wouldn't bring it up to him because you would just seem jealous, just have it in the back of your mind and be cautious if he's is acting differently..

    • it was just them standing together on a night out, like they weren't cuddling or kissing, just your average photo of two people together.

    • oh so they hang out currently or was this from when they were dating?

    • from when they were dating I believe.