Am I just freaking out about this for no reason, or did this one text message mean something?

Been seeing this girl for a month, slowly getting more comfortable (sleeping together, kissing before parting ways, she told me she accepts me, is really nice and accepting of me)... one day after hanging out/spending the night (Sunday) I sent her a text message asking her how work was, she never responded. I went into "panic/freak out mode" as I usually do, and started formulating all these ideas of what happened, that she doesn't see me in a romantic light, that she thinks I am pushing for a relationship so she's pulling away, blah blah blah. Waited a couple of days and she texted me on Wednesday saying "sup? :)" and we talked for a bit. She wanted to go out to the campus bar, but I was sick and couldn't go, but invited her over (warned her that we were all sick and lacking energy though) and she decided to just go to the bar with her other friend, but told me to get better.

Do I have anything to worry about here, or am I just over-thinking (which I tend to do)? After she didn't reply to my one text I've been paranoid/having a generally negative mindset about the situation, worrying about everything, thinking that I have to pull back now. I can't tell if that's accurate, or if I'm just making into a big deal. Is there any damage done?


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  • You're just freaking out bro


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  • You're over-thinking, dude. Just because she failed to text you back once, doesn't mean she hates you or whatnot. Trust me when I say that when she doesn't want to see you, she will either be roundabout or straightforward about it. Not just suddenly ignore you. No. That's reserved for married people (kidding. DON'T HURT ME, MARRIED PEOPLE!)

    Most likely she had her phone turned off/no charge, so the message didn't get through. DID text her the next day, right? Or did you really wait a couple days for a reply?