How do I go out with a girl who likes me a lot but ignores messages like texts and FB messages from me?

I really like her and she likes me but she wants to wait because she just broke up with her old boyfriend, whom dislikes me with a passion. I went out with her a short time a while ago and she fell in love with me but I messed up so we broke up, she has said I am the nicest guy she knows, which I am. She laughs at all my jokes, she tells her friends she likes me, she tries to sit next to me or be near me whenever she can but outside of school she doesn't answer my texts or anything so I'm not sure how long she is going to wait or how to ask her out.

Any advice?


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  • I'm the type of chick that don't like all that technical ish, so if you want to talk it will be personal or on the phone where I can hear your voice, so maybe she's that type. Just ask her out

    • Can't, she said she is going to wait a bit before she dates anyone. She actually texts a lot to people, a while ago before I messed up once by accident she texted me nonstop, in the morning, middle of the night, in the afternoon, and so on.


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  • Just wait until she comes to you again. She'll come when she is ready. It's probably obvious to her that you like her.

  • why would she ignore your message?

    IF you can answer that then you can find your answers.

    I think she doesn't want to go out with you or is just too busy to answer internet msgs.

    • She texts a lot so I don't know, she reads all of them every time her phone goes off, I know from being around her but usually when I am around she just checks real quick and ignores them but she doesn't do that around other people.

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  • She must treasure your face-to-face talks rather than talks through social medias or texting.

    Respect her for that. It will work out for both of you. Just spend more time with her.

    • I spend time with her when we can be around one an other. She texts a lot to people, a while ago when we were together before she texted me nonstop all the time.

  • FYI the guys who say they are the nicest guy in the world are usually very self centered. read your question again... you sound self centered even arrogant...

    • I know I'm not the nicest but someone who is enough of a jerk to waste his time saying that to a stranger is obviously someone to not take advice from.

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    • You insulted me first argueing on the internet is pointless I'm just gonna ignore you and get on with my life next time someone says FYI they are trying to give you a tip.

    • I know what "For your information" means, but no I'm not what you said, and it is straight up rude, plus you are the one who wasted their life to put that up