Why would a girl not speak with her ex?

I'm not talking about being best friends or meeting once in a while but.. ignoring? Why would she do that? Oh and assuming she dumped the guy..


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  • i would think she's trying her best to forget him. she's trying to move on.


    maybe she has had enough of the guy. maybe she's hurt by something he did. maybe she's busy.

    if I dumped a guy and didn't talk to him, it would mean I'm not interested or w/e or the above reasons.


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  • It hurts to talk to someone of the past if you're trying to move past it. For me, anyway, there's a certain amount of time after a relationship/fling that I really can't talk to the person without having really bad thoughts rush into my head. Even if I was the one who broke up with him. It's hard to really, really get over it when he's always there and I never have a chance to really heal for myself.

  • I would think she is trying to move on, because the best way to do that is to not have contact with the ex. But if it was me, I would at least tell the guy that I need space from him so he understands. I would also be polite if I did run into him and say hello then keep on my way. Completely ignoring someone comes off as childish and I think in some cases people who dump someone then obviously ignore them are just trying to get a reaction or simply don't know how to behave after a break up.

  • because the loser isn't worth her time. I'm srry. but if things didn't work out... both of you should move on...not pretend to be friends.

    if she has any self respect she won't let this guy she dumped get to her and want her back.

    reality is harsh.

    • Self respect? no no you missed the point.. ignoring is disrespectful. you can make clear you don't want anything with your ex and explain why and that's it.. and if you ever saw him again you should say hi and that's it! ignoring is the worst thing a person can do. it's childish and immature.

      maybe I wasn't fully clear of myself.. but the question I made was assuming the guy actually doesn't want his ex back.

    • Of course it is. I agree. but some people get over things by forgetting or ignoring. it doesn't matter how rude or disrespectful it is. that's how things are, you can't change the way she acts... that would only make you more frustrated...

      my advice is let it go. don't let her actions affect you.

  • try to forget about her-If she's being a dick she's not worth talking to.She might feel a bit too awkward to talk to you aswell.

  • Well there must be a reason why she broke up with you so she could be angry at you or just wanting to keep some distance

    • There's no reason like that.. she just left me ignoring me and that's it. she can even talk with my friends but not with me

  • I know when I ended things with my ex, it was because he was PSYCHO! We lived together, and after we broke up he stabbed a steak knife through my boxes of packed items (I was moving out).

    But other than that, I would think it is because it is easier for her. While you still might want to be friends she might not. Some people just need to totally eliminate people from their lives to move on.


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