I met this guy online. What to do with this guy?

I met this guy online a month ago, we went out on a first date and he kissed me. I told him I kinda followed the three date rule. We went on a second date and we kissed. He said all kinds of sweet things to me. Finally, we went out on a third date. I paid for dinner and it was freaking cold and we ended up back in my place watching the Walking Dead. I never suggest anything that actually watching the show, he started kissing me and everything and he was going to take my blouse away and I didn't let him. He kept trying until he started teasing me and he was like ''aw.. you are a little teenage v'' and I guess he saw my expression and he knew he was right. He couldn't believe it... being a Latina he was thinking I was slutty since according to him I could have any guy I want. I told him that wasn't me... and that I was just waiting to be in love. He said he had never met anyone like me. I also said I didn't want to get hurt and he said that he was going to be the one to get hurt because I was going to break his heart (I was like suuuuure, guys always break our hearts!). I told him just to take it easy and he said he was going to prove me wrong and show me that he wasn't going to break his heart. He asked me out again.. that was a week ago.

On Wednesday his dad was hospitalized because he injured his knee. Obviously we couldn't hang out this weekend like we were meant to but he said we'd go out this week. I texted him on Saturday telling him I was free on Monday and Friday and he never replied.

The other thing was that my friend had BFF has a profile and she checked it because she wanted to see him as she always gets worried.. I don't know how he figured out that she was my friend. He sent her a message asking her if she knew me, she said she did and that she had been my friend for 15 years and he didn't reply.

Should I just do it and get it over with?


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  • I think he was in it just for sex. I'd stay away.


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  • It's up to you but just do this one thing. Keep your friend out of it because if you don't not too many of your relationships will work.


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  • You shouldn't just get it over with if you don't want to...if he isn't talking to you because you won't do it then you need to leave him alone...you said you wanted to wait till you were in love. If he wanted a relationship with you, he wouldn't have tried to do anything on y'all 3rd date...most guys are patient but he doesn't seem like one of those guys