Why do some guys text you first ALL THE TIME but then not respond?

Or respond really late? There is a guy (that I really like but nothing has happened between us) that does this. He'll text first but then when I respond, nothing for days. And when I don't respond, he keeps on texting until I do. One time I did not return one of his phone calls and he called five times in one day! It's frustrating. To me it's just as if he asks "hi! how are you?" in person, pushes you to answer, and then walks away after you say it.


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  • He's playing the game of who is going to be dominance you have to show the guy that you are not going to wait around for him. He knows that you really like him so now he's trying to figure out his boundaries with you. If you fail to set boundaries and make clear that you are not the girl to be messed with he will start to treat you any kind of way.You have to make him want you. Play the same game that he's playing with you and remember women have more power over guy's because they have more attractive features so take hold to that and whip this kid into shape! #FromBigBrothaLOVE lmbo


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  • I've not heard of this. I will admit that I text sometimes but then get pulled aside, but never for days on end. To me some people are just very scatterbrained. As for the repeated freakouts of not responding, that means he's clingy as hell and watch out!


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  • I get the exact same thing and it is so annoying! It drives me insane lol

    I think it is their own way of playing hard to get. When a guy does it to me, I just give him a taste of his own medicine. Like on Facebook for instance, I click on the message and show that I have seen it but do nothing and then I always get a text or message later on.

    Its a cycle honestly, because even once I have done that and I finally reply, he will send a couple more and stop also. Soo annoying! I wish I could give advice on how to stop it, but maybe when you go out on a date or something playful mention it (very short and quick to avoid sounding clingy)

    Good Luck!