What age do most people have their first kiss?

what is the age where not having kissed someone on the lips is weird or abnormal,unusual?

what about having boyfriends/girlfriends?



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  • Id say 18-20 if your in that age range and still haven't kissed someone on the lips intimately then I think its a little bit out of the ordinary to be honest.


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  • i'd say an average age is 12 or 13

  • I don't think age is a big deal, some people just haven't found that guy they want to share it with. Its a moment people cherish with the people they are with, and some wait for just the right guy.

  • i had my first kiss at 12, and 1st boyfriend at 13, but its not something to rush, so whenever the person is ready is the right age

  • I think once someone becomes an adult, say after 18, it's a little on the odd side if they haven't had their first kiss.