Would this ever lead to something?

ive been having sex with this guy(he was my first). He was my crush and one night at a party we hooked up. We have been having casual sex and when I see him around he blushes and smiles at me. In a way I don't know if its leading anywhere..when we have sex though he always kisses my forehead. and he kisses my lips. and we always have talks after sex. help me because I'm confused

and he goes to school its his last year his major is hard. I don't want to impose when he's free that's the best :)


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  • You're good friends with benefits at the moment. There's still a a good chance that this will lead to something. Keep believing.


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  • I would say he likes you and wants more than just sex, But there is only one way to find out and that is ask him. Talk about it if you can't talk to him about your feelings there is properly nothing there and it most likely isn't going to work.

  • it could lead to FWB, if you want more let him know.


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