Kiss on second date?

We went on our first date. I enjoyed it and he said he did too. At the end of the date, we hugged and he kissed me on the cheek. I turned to kiss him on the cheek too to show that I liked him back.

Since we kissed each other on the cheek on the first date, should it be on the lips on the 2nd or would that be too much too fast?

I'm not used to getting kissed on the cheek. Was it alright for me to kiss him back on the cheek?


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  • ?There aren't any rules about this, unless you make up your own. Do whatever seems appropriate.

    Most guys would not know what to make of you kissing him BACk on the cheek. They were testing your reaction, and either expectted you to back away from the kiss, or go in for a kiss on the lips.

    So they might generally be a little non plussed by the kiss on the cheek..they might take it as 'I'm only interested in you as a friend who pays for the movie.."


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  • I think it was fine. It shouldn't be a check box next to each of the 'sexual' activities you do. If you feel comfortable kissing on the lips on the 2nd date, then do it. If you don't you're welcome to wait till the 3rd/4th/10th date.

  • You are an adult. Kissing on the lips on a first date isn't a big deal. You don't have to swallow his face, but a peck on the lips is fine. If you feel like kissing him, then just kiss him. He won't think less of you for kissing him, but if you don't, he may think you don't like him.

  • There is no rule to the escalation.

    If the second date didn't go as well as the first, you may not get a kiss (or a third date).

    Stop going into the date with pre-conceptions about where it's going to go. That's just asking for trouble.


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  • It doesn't really matter,there are no rules in when to kiss,etc.

    Heck I normally kiss on the first date but that is IF I like the guy and I've also been known to initiate the kiss;)