What the real cause and meaning of "There is nothing between us" ?

I live in such a place where there are no proper girls that I feel like getting romantically connected to. I generally try to get some online on dating sites , Facebook and such. I've tried to connect to many and they continue to chat with me and seem interested enough. When this continues for about a month, I generally try to express my desire and they all have ended up saying "There's nothing between us"... So I am baffled to know what causes some girl to say this and what is the solution to this ?


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  • There is no solution really, it just means those particular girls aren't interested in you. You just gotta keep trying until you find a mutual interest.


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  • It's just they are not interested in you. It would be best if you will walk around your town and find a girl. It's impossible for a town to exist without a girl whom you're attracted in. There's always that one. Going for a girl face-to-face gives you higher chance than hiding behind your computer all day long.