What makes a girl, girlfriend material? Have the worst luck with guys! Not sure what I am doing wrong here?

What makes a girl girlfriend material?

I honestly don't know what I am doing wrong. I have been out with a couple of guys, on proper dates. They enjoy my company, there is great chemistry but after a few months it just fizzles out.

On my side the interest is still there so I end up getting very hurt. But on their side they loose interest!

Just do not want to keep making the same mistakes and would appreciate some tips that would keep a guy's interest long enough to want a relationship with me.

Don't act desperate or clingy, I even give the guy space! Don't understand it. Especially with the last guy I dated.


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  • I think its more on the matter of your choices. If what you clearly attract isn't working try stepping outside you box, an date guys who have always been there for that you think aren't your type. or Mr. Nice Guys you think are boring until you know the real you. Next sit back an Enjoy the Scenery of Romance.


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  • It's definitely good to give a guy space. But it is possible to be not clingy enough, which makes it seem like you're not very interested.

    Be flirty towards him, make it clear that you enjoy his company, and flatter his ego.


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  • Are you sleeping with the guys you date?