Ive started to notice a trend in my dating life

I feel like I'm never good enough. Which I know is silly because some of the guys I've dated in the past are way beneath me. But its always the same old thing. We break up and a week later they are with someone else. Then I get this long ass text message about how I'm an awesome person etc etc...im like seriously we haven't talked in weeks lol why text me/bother me now...why does it feel like every relationship I'm in I'm just the person they date until they find "better". I'm not easy,sleazy slutty or high maintenance. So I don't give off this vibe of use and abuse. its like I'm the girl you date while your in limbo lol


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  • That's terrible that that many guys would do that to a girl. If they were interested in the first place, they should have at least known through the first few conversations what kind of a person you were. I could only imagine that's frustrating as well, and I hope you do find a guy worthy of your being. I don't see the point with some guys (and even some girls) mass dating to either find potential matches faster, or in the worst case, because they will latch onto the closest girl that gives them attention only to use them for ego boost or sex which are both terrible excuses for dating. And yes I probably described the common player, which are just overall sick people in general. Never say you aren't good enough either. No matter how cliche it seems someone out there will admire you for your being. It's usually the quiet guys that have no idea how to approach someone like you that are the ones who appreciate you. They go unnoticed until by chance they do something that catches a girl's eye and the girl is like "where have you been all this time?". It might sound lame and cliche as well, but it's true.

  • Don't give up on your dating life. It's just that you have a bad luck when it comes to the guys you're dating with. Think of it this way. You're like filtering among the guys you meet and as you filter through them, you get closer to the guy you're destined to be with.


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