Dating older women, is it really strange?

on what basis do you choose the age of the women you date , and what rang of age are you limited to ?

it's about me I do like older women beginning from 35 to 45 years old I feel like they are warm enough and understand me most and I don't care if they have babies or old boys or even young men at my age , is that strange and what do you describe people like me , please be honest

can you please support me with your point of view and real stories, and for making it more clear I'm talking about full relationship and not the sexual or what other guys do like doing this for having money "the easy money part" and I'm not that kind :) .


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  • Everyone has their own perceptions about what they find attractive so as long as the age gap isn't so great where you know there's no possibility of you having anything in common, I wouldn't consider it weird. Some guys do have an attraction to older women. As far as the 35 part I see nothing wrong with that, but don't you think 45 is pushing it a little. Don't get me wrong, if that's your thing then I see nothing wrong with it as it's your choice, it's your life. Giving the benefit of the doubt that you're 29 an attraction to a 45 year old woman still presents an age gap that is about 16 years. Also not to be mean, but I even find it a bit of a stretch for guys who are 45 to be with 29 year old women, but that's just only my opinion.

    • thanks you , for you are advice and I found it really helping and I didn't date a 45 years old girl yet but I thought of it and I found it okay with me and people said it's weird and not acceptable :| .

    • You have to remember, just because some find it weird and unacceptable doesn't mean that others wont. Some people tend to follow things that's in their comfort zone and anything that doesn't fall within those parameters people sometimes take offense to it. Some people feel interracial couples are wrong, others even find larger age gaps acceptable. So many times when visiting in-laws we run across 60-80 year old men with 18-25 year old women. While we don't agree with huge age gaps others do.

    • It's just that to have a relationship, one of the things that help facilitate it is having something in common, and I just don't believe there's a lot that couples with a 40-50 year age gap have in common.


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  • I was in a relationship for 3 years with a guy who was 11 years younger than myself. We shared a lot more in common with values, philosophy, outlook, etc. than I had experienced with men in my own age group. To me age is just a number - it really depends on the person and the connection. Society has to get over it and stop being so judgemental.

  • it is way more common for girls to want older men but I guess I can understand that. however these women may think you are a baby because women REALLY value maturity in a man.

    maybe you have mommy issues? I am the same way as you, I like older men about 10-15 years older than myself. many girls think it's gross or a money thing. it is not a money thing. it is an emotional thing. I find older men more caring and comforting and I just feel safer with them. I feel more comfortable when they are slightly "above" me and not my equal so they can take care of me. that's because my dad never gave me the emotional support I need and I am not so close with him and it leaves an emotional void that I am always looking to fill with having a different older man in my life. sure I am sexually attracted to the older men too, it's not just a dad thing, but it is because I have a certain emotional need.

    • it's not a mommy issues , it's about understanding and caring for me , younger girls , mostly underestimates situations and values of certain things , anyway thanks and I understand and I appreciate your answer :) .

    • oh OK. that makes sense. at least you are mature. I also feel a need to be appreciated/cared for and younger guys just can't seem to give me that comfort, only older guys can. but then after some analyzing myself and others around me I realized it is likely because I don't feel a level of emotional comfort from my dad. he doesn't make me feel good about myself so I need a more comforting man to feel happy.

    • So I grew up with a Dad who was came and went all the time and my Mom's first husband (who she never really got over) unexpectedly died when she was pregnant with their first kid. I wound up being the middle child and filling in the Gaps my Dad didn't, in a way that has made me more mature than people my age and why I am usually attracted to older girls. Saying that my mom didn't give me a level of emotional comfort is kind of a pessimistic way of saying a similar thing though, because when it comes down to it I'd love to date a girl my age who was mature enough keep up a deep conversation. Moreover they tend to present themselves to me.

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  • i banged quite a few 40 yo when I was in my 20s, and I banged them hard.

    listen, it's all good fun and all, but getting seriously involved with almost 20 years older woman that's a biggie - you're gonna be 35, and she's gonna be 55. like your mom. and I don't think you want that. you don't wanna be 40 and be with a 60 yo woman. or do you?

    you're a milf hunter.

    • I'm not talking about sex by the way I'm talking about full relationship and , thanks for making it clear about the age gap it helped me a lot :) .

  • It would be about 30-35 for me. I'm still young so that's where my horizon ends.

    • I like the men who understand their limits , we can be friends lol .

  • I think that older women's experience can fill in some unresolved gaps in younger men. By Older women I am referring to women old enough to be your mother, but a few years older (something like up to ten years is the right ball park) is more likely to be about legitimate compatibility. I've been attracted to older women, but never tried anything and I've noticed a pattern in my life of running into single moms a few years older than me, who I click with very well.