How do guys break things off?

i've been on like 4 dates with a guy. the last one I met his friends. but since then...he hasn't initiated any contact with me. he has been really busy with school and family stuff, but it' s been close to a month...besides for random Facebook/twitter mentions, I've texted him twice saying we should hang out, and he's responded both times saying "yeah we should! when things calm down a little." does he still want to date me do you think? when a guy has lost interest in the past, he's just stopped responding to me so I'm a little confused...


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  • He still does want to date you, though his life is really hectic and busy. You should give him some time to settle and calm down a little.

  • mebe he's just really busy, there is also the possibility that he has other options he's looking into. you shud just wate to be contacted. if you really like him, take the initiative tho.


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