Why is he messing with me ?

My ex boyfriend dumped me after 2.5 years. And moved on a month later and did not tell me. We talked almost everyday. He would flirt once in a while and then we met up and even had sex. Later when I confronted him about him moving on he said yes he has and he did not tell me about it. SO I decided to stop talking to him and move on. I blocked him from all social media and messaging. Recently he has been blowing up my phone with back to back phone calls. And a text message saying " Please talk to me just ONCE . and I will not call you after." I replied with " What is it about? and he says " If you answered my calls you would know." And now he hasn't called after that. What is he trying to do? I know he doesn't wanna get back. because when I met and spoke to him last I asked him again if he wants to get back and he said NO.

I do love him still.. And I want him back. but I don't want to go back just to find out he did that as a attention seeking stunt. Should I answer his call at all? He called me once today. No more calls. I am not sure what to do.
Should I call back? Or answer when he calls next?


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  • You don't need to know the reason anymore. He's clearly playing with you.

    Cut him off forever from your life. You deserve better.


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  • Guys can change their mind, and it tsounds like you haven't totally broken up yet...

    .I would think he wants to propose getting back together, and wants to do it 'live', rather than by message or text.

    • I have never completely blocked him or ignored him. I feel that's bothering him. But trust me I couldn't be more sure that he doesn't want me back. I have tried so much. I have tried for 4 months. And he literally said to my face. Look I have moved on you must move on. And he is even seeing other girls and flirting. His friends have told me that he is having fun now. And I must not wait.

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    • Should I answer his call and hear him out?

    • I'd hear him out. You once were happy together, for years...see what he says. He may have learned something from being alone.

  • sounds like he wants to get back. or at least laid. even if he says no, he wouldn't be calling you if he didn't.

    when you are over someone you literally don't care if they answer you or block you.

    • He said he wants to talk ONCE. and won't call again. Obv its not to get back. And also, he stopped calling after I asked what was it about. I felt like he made sure I am curious and now won't tell me what. And now stopped calling. Been broken up over 4 months now. And trust me I asked a million times and tried alot. He said NO NO NO NO. each time

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  • Maybe he is just wanting you to start paying him attention and want you to be needy of him so he can be like why is my ex talking to me. He could probably just want sex, again. Just tell him to leave you alone because you know what's right for you.

  • I say go ahead and find out what he wants.

  • He had you still clinging onto him before, which gives him another option and boosts his ego. Even if he doesn't want you, he probably doesn't want anyone else to have you either becuase he's obviously not COMPLETELY over you yet, or else he wouldn't be insecessantly calling. You've got the winning hand my dear. Don't reply, teach him a lesson, he can't have whatever he wants. As soon as you give in to him, he holds the power again.