Why do some guys text first but then never respond?

This one guy texted me last night saying "Hey! how are you?" and after I responded like 20 minutes later he never texted me back. It is not the first time this has happened. But if I don't respond he'll go crazy and call me over and over again. It is so annoying and honestly I'm definitely not going to fall for it again, no matter how much he calls afterwards- but I just want to know what is the logic behind guys doing that!


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  • Lack of care. I suppose it happens unconsciously but sometimes having many contacts and acquaintances can be very confusing and you may forget some people with really low interest in.


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  • There could be several reasons. He might have gotten distracted or was busy with something else. It might not be bad, he thought of you enough to send you the first text. But since you said it has happened before, I would guess that he sent that text to several girls. Maybe to see who responds to give him a confidence boost. Maybe to see who responds and pick a girl from there. Next time he texts, I wouldn't respond. If he's really interested, he'll keep trying.