Is my girlfriend bewitched ?

Hey there guys , I'm a 17 year oldd black guy living in africa , I & this girl dated for 8 months while in our relationship a taxi driver approached her but she rejected him & she promised me she'l never date a taxi driver ,but everything changed when it was our summer holiday when schools re-opened she hated me , she didn't even wanna c me , she would drop her phone every time I try to call her , she changed dramatically she even avoided some of her friends , she now walks alone at school , her friend told me that the guy she's dating now bewitched her to love him & hate me , guys is this the case ?


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  • So female anon. what region of the South are you from? Because your accent is coming through the internet... And it's just like religion I believe. Some people believe in God, Gods, evolution, or just don't care. Personally, I think if he's actually a "wicken" or whatever they're called now, then he probably just tricked her into having a few drinks and drugged her into believing some cheesy a** lie. Some people will go to great depths to change a person, even illegally. If he isn't, and I don't think he is, it's probably just a rumour going around. Like I said before, it's like religion. Or another way of putting it, do you believe in ghosts? Have you been possessed or was it just a dream that was very vivid. Did that date happen or was it a dream? It just takes a certain interpretation of the situation. You won't ever get a solid answer because there are all sorts of theories out there. Try this to clear things up. it's really simple, ready? TALK TO HER! Ask her why she's acting strangely and ditched her friends. Or check to make sure she did, it could be an elaborate lie to keep you away from her.


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  • You people need to stop believing in curses and stuff, that why y'all poor now! No she ain't bewitched, she just don't want your ugly ass and if she don't want to hang out with a crowd, mind your own business!


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  • Maybe she realized that you are the sort of person who still believes in witch craft... and decided she didn't want to date someone that dumb.