Best way to find out how she feels without sounding needy

This is targeted at older users. I met a woman who I had instant mutual chemistry with, and for the first two weeks of our dating had an amazing time. That was until her ex of two years showed up at her door begging her to come back. She said that she doesn't want him back but has been distant ever since, cancelling dates, not returning calls, etc. She does suffer from depression and she said that she needed some space to get over him because she hadn't really been able to since the break up. I gave her time but eventually started back casually texting her. Things started to seem to get back to normal but I'm at a point now I need to know if there is a future or not. I don't want to come off as needy by asking because I'm not. I do want to be with her but I don't need to be. I'm just looking for some advice. My head says to let it go, but I'm not sure.


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  • You haven't gotten a answer yet...I say go for it. You wouldn't want to have any regrets

  • yeah, keep doing what you're doing, and that you need to know and not waste your time. but if she needs time, that's up to you to decide whether what to do or not.


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