EASY QUESTION: What is going on here, am I over-thinking the situation, or is she losing interest?

Had been seeing her for a month, have had sex and kissed before saying goodbye. We hung out on a Sunday after I slept over the night at her place. Texted her later that evening, she didn't reply, which she never does - think it came across slightly clingy. She texted me three days later, we had a conversation. I tend to be neurotic, so I freaked out and started to play it more "hard to get" since she didn't reply. I texted her 2 days after that, and again another 2 days after that I texted her and tried to make plans for Saturday. She said that she had a busy week (2 midterms) and that she would keep me posted. She doesn't text me all week (Monday-Friday) which was the longest gap we've had, and texts me on Saturday asking me how work was, and said "you should come over and drink with me :p" and so I replied saying "that sounds fun but I can't I have plans already!" since it was already almost 7PM and I was annoyed that she didn't keep me posted, and she never replied...

I'm not really sure what to do here, and can't tell if I'm over-thinking the whole situation and there was never really a "problem" and no reason I should have played "hard to get" or if she is legit losing interest? We haven't hung out for 2 1/2 weeks now.


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  • If you keep playing hard to get she won't ask you to hang out anymore and you can add more weeks to your 2 1/2 weeks. She sounds like she was busy.


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  • She's really interested and is genuinely busy. If you always try hard to get, you will lose her. Stop over analyzing things.