Do guys get annoyed if you don't text them back right away?

So I like this guy and I try not be annoying by texting him everyday, but he has a full time job at a law firm and I never really know when he gets off work so I usually don't text him until around 8pm. He used to respond right away to my texts, but lately he hasn't because I've gotten into the habit of responding until the following night becuase I get up really early and go to bed before 10 and I also I think its weird to text a guy after 10 anyway. (He's texted me back at 11 before though.) I know he reads my texts, but now he waits two hours to respond and this drags out a one night conversation for like two days straight. Would a guy change his texting habits if a girl changed hers? Would this bother a guy? I feel like he's mad at me because this isn't a one time thing. Its been going on for awhile. He does text and call me. So this a strange.


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  • I've changed my texting habits when talking to a girl. I started out by responding to her texts quickly but she would always take a while, sometimes the entire day. So I started doing the same. It wasn't because I was angry, I did it because I stopped caring. Like if she doesn't respond right away then why should I? He's probably tired after a long day of work and doesn't feel obligated to respond right away because you don't.

    Prime example of why I hate texting, would much rather talk on the phone but that's just me.


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  • I would not be annoyed unless there was something important going on, that required an immediate response. Personally, I like phone talking over texting when possible. Texting leaves so much out that a basic conversation has.

  • it doesn't sound like he is that interested in you, or maybe he has other things going on. You should as him out for a coffee or hint at it, and see where things are at. I don't like when people wait a long time to message me back either. if you send a text to some one and they are busy at least they could have the courtesy of texting back, hey I am busy right now , chat later?

  • i would take it as more of this conversation isn't really important to her so it really isn't important to me either

  • It really bothers me if she takes a half-hour to respond to my texts. It probably means she just doesn't have the interest to really talk to me. There are exceptions, but this is my general rule.

  • It annoys me as I'm a very punctual person... of course I don't expect someone to respond instantly, but in a timely fashion.

    • punctual huh..what bout if a person dint say goodbye and offline :p

    • How rude! But sometimes, there's unforseen circumstances that prohibit it ;)

  • yes, the way I think about girls is how long it takes for them to text back. slow not interested, fast she enjoys talking to me. that's just me

  • I do.t like to look clingy if they take long to reply ill take about the same time as them to reply.I don't get mad though.I do get a little irritated if they got my text but yet there on mobile tells you that they don't care so why should you care.

  • If it took her hours, yes I would think I wasn't important to her, I can't read minds, I need her actions to tell me what she feels.

  • Most guys wouldn't get bothered by this. It's a real sign of insecurity.

    Girls get bothered by this sort of thing, but we're used to that by now.


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  • I used to get bothere by it but not anymore (I used to keep thinking thst texting was like talking but it really isnt, just like emailing isn't talking), he always has a valid reason so theirs no reason to get upset or anything anymore

    he never gets upset by it but he gets a bit jumpy and asks me if sonething bad happened, he's not upset about me taking so long to answer sometimes but he's actually concerned, thinking something bad mightve happened, because I was nearly raped twice in the past and he keeps thinking someone might do It again while my guard is down, but both of us are martial arts masters now so he really shouldn't worry but I understand clearly why he is and think its really sweet even if its a bit overprotective :P

    my usual gibberish:

    (hes mma I'm taekwondo 2nd kyu black and aikido 4th dan black, learning in judo and kendo and even plan on taking kyudo - japanese archery to learn precision and patience, taekwondo taught me skill and technique while aikido taught me balance and calm, as a master its easy to see what you really learn other than the art itself, plus as a black I teach students in the dojo as sensei, they get nervous when the one teaching them is a girl lol, maybe its because like them I wear a judogi but normally I can't wear a bra underneath, as a master though I can wear one if I wanted and they don't know this, unlike them I also have to wear a hakama since I'm a sensei and normally black but bright crimson red for girls and secured with my obi, and it makes me stand out so much as the only female sensei in class.. it makes life difficult because its really heavy and makes it really hard to see your footing but I think that's also part of training, the judogi by the way is the first modern martial arts attire

    no its not a belt, its an obi, treat both the obi and judogi and especially the hakama with respect and never dwell pride, humility is the first lesson and a hard beating with an obi if tou fail at this first lesson, you get spanked every time you earn a new belt and believe me it fckn hurts, sensei by the way means both teacher and master, so when your black you can't avoid being sensei and teaching students)

    if you can't understand any of that wiki or google it lol

  • To answer your main question, yes. There is a guy who always texts or messages me on fb. If I don't answer right away he will send me question marks or be sarcastic.