Do guys get annoyed if you don't text them back right away?

So I like this guy and I try not be annoying by texting him everyday, but he has a full time job at a law firm and I never really know when he gets off work so I usually don't text him until around 8pm. He used to respond right away to my texts, but lately he hasn't because I've gotten into the... Show More

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  • I've changed my texting habits when talking to a girl. I started out by responding to her texts quickly but she would always take a while, sometimes the entire day. So I started doing the same. It wasn't because I was angry, I did it because I stopped caring. Like if she doesn't respond right away then why should I? He's probably tired after a long day of work and doesn't feel obligated to respond right away because you don't.

    Prime example of why I hate texting, would much rather talk on the phone but that's just me.