Sister dating ex boyfriend he's 24 she's 18 WTF help?

Ok I was dating this guy and when he was around my sister they started getting lovey Dover holdin hands she was layin on his chest and when she would cover up he would put his hand practicaliy under her ass. I finally broke it off then they started dateing not long after we split up. I'm having a hard time believing him or anything he says he's mad at me because I chose to sepreate myself from them by not being friends or talking to him anymore. I can't stand to even be around them and I can't talk to my sister because of this. What should I do?


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  • my two best friends, twin sisters, did exactly that. they actually got married. the other twin was so devastated and didn't talk to them for over 10 years. she finally met someone and is also married with kids. but I think the twin sisters are not really in a good relationship.

    you just have to do what's best for you and take care of yourself. save up and move out. meanwhile, leave when they are around..i understand how you feel about not feeling like in your own home.

    sorry this is happening to you. their maturity level is...


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  • You're better off without other guys who will not turn their eyes away from you when they see a "better" girl.

    You simply start ignoring the guy to get over him quickly, and find a new guy of interest. Breaking up with your guy means you're getting closer to your ideal guy.

    • I get that it's just hard because I just got a job and I'm trying to move out but I still live with dad since my mom died and they both set here on the couch and it's like their rubbing it all in my face so I try to go hide out but it's hard to be in the same house with them

    • find out from her when he will be over...tell her it hurts you...

      leave when he is over. I understand its your house, but since they are not mature enough to respect your feelings, you can only do what's best for your self till you get your own place.

  • That's horrible don't think I have any advice that would help sorry but I do have sympathy should be easy to find a guy that's better than that, and when they break up your sister is gona have a whole lota making up to you.

    • That's OK and not around these parts it's not really easy to find a guy period I would for Royce like to meet someone that completes my soul

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  • Yeah it is. Easier said than done indeed. :\ How bout you try talking to your sister (calmly, do not act upon impulse and pour out all the pain and all), try telling her this,

    "Hey. I just want you to know that I completely understand & respect your relationship with him now because I am your sister, I just hope that you guys too, would give me the same amount of respect and understanding by not rubbing it on my face here at home, sitting and cuddling on the couch and guys could do that somewhere else, right? If I could move out, then I would. But we both know that Dad wants us both here. I am not trying to mess you guys up, this is just about respect."

    • I really believe I've tried everything I possibly could it doesn't sink in but for now I'm just gonna set back and bite my tounge until I save up to get out I can't stand it here

    • yes, that would be need your space

  • Oh my. This is hard :s Leave them alone hun and find someone who deserves your attention, find someone who makes you happier. Not just happy. :)