Is he not too keen on me anymore? Should I even bother texting again?

Hey everyone,

I met this guy off of a dating site and we went on three dates.All 3 dates were fun,and the third date ended at his apt.We made out,no sex.The next day,after the 3rd date,he texted me asking what I was up to like he has been doing for the 2 weeks I've known him.Anyway,I didn't hear from him for two days,so I decided to TEXT HIM since he has already initiated most of the texts.I sent him a link to a video,no response.The next day,I followed up with a "Did you get the video?" message.He responded,and gave brief texts.I decided to say goodnight because he didn't seem like he wanted to talk.I sent a couple more messages,and he was still short with me,so I said goodnight for good.I know I didn't do anything wrong,and I sense he is coming off me.Should I text once more to be sure? I was trying to give him the opportunity to ask me out again,but he didn'

t. So,should I contact him once more,or just leave it alone and MOVE ON?

I can assume that he is not too keen since I didn't put out on the third date,since he was ready to get some.But I have no intention of sleeping with someone I have only known for two weeks.He was more than ready what do you think?


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  • He is probably not interested in you because you wouldn't sleep with him. It seems as if he is one of those guys that just uses women and discards them afterward, maybe leaving them with a baby, if he didn't protect himself, or they didn't use birth control. Sometimes, short texts don't mean that someone is losing interest. However, in this case, it seems as if he is losing interest. You hardly know him, so you can't possibly know what kind of person he is, especially just within two weeks. This is why I think real life meetings are sometimes better.


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  • Let him contact you. You've already done more than enough effort. Let him work the relationship out. If he doesn't, it means that he's not interested.


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  • i say he's not interested.