Using Fake Pictures On Here?

I get that there are "fakers" everywhere on the internet. I can sort of understand insecure people or silly teenagers or perverts who use fake pictures on dating sites and the like. But what's the point on here? Why would you pretend you're someone you are not? I mean this is a site where we give and ask for advice. What the hell?

I have to say I don't observe this very often on here, but just now I've been browsing and there's a certain user using this piic. "She" also has a pic of "her baby" (i.e. boyfriend) that is also fake. I find this very weird. Seriously, what's the point?



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  • My guess would be because they're bored and want to troll. But it's very bad trolling when you're not aware of, etc. You see this all over the web, and even on nerdy sites like deviantart.

    Btw, it's obvious this person is talking about fake pics of real people under the notion that it's them, not pics of what's obviously not people.

    • It works quite easily too, doesn't it? I'm actually half amused and half surprised that some people get so defensive. I think some people want to believe these pictures and people are real.


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  • on the internet you can be anything and people chose to be something better, but can you blame them? everyone wants to be "better"

    i think using fake pics on dating sites is much pointles because eventually you'll have to meet the person

    • Those people don't want to meet the person though, they just want to chat, and receive compliments/ego rubs (which of course aren't really meant for them). In some cases they want to fool and ridicule the other person, and let's not forget about the scammers. But on here...we're just a bunch of people seeking and giving advice. Why would anyone want to impress someone with a fake picture. I just don't get it.

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    • I don't see how your ex dumping you and me asking a question about people using images of other people are remotely comparable. But whatever.

    • well they are if you read what I said but whatever

  • What, you are saying I don't really look like a black and white piano faced rabbit? THAT'S PREPOSTEROUS! I challenge you to a duel sir! *smacks anon with glove*

    • No, you definitely do look like a black and white piano faced rabbit. I can tell. I know it's true.

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    • No such luck

  • those are some large boobies

  • I think it is something called "free will". They can put up a symbol of something that they like or that represents them, and then that it broadcasted to other people. It is like having a flag to represent your country, although to a lesser degree.

    • I'm not sure if you're actually serious. There is a very obvious and significant difference between using a picture of something which is not you (i.e. a flag) and using a picture of a person and pretending you are that person. God, people are thick on here.

    • I'm not joking. I don't know why they do it, because I don't do that. I use a picture from the internet as my picture, although I don't know if I need permission. I don't know why those people use fake pictures, but whether or not they want to do it, it really is up to them. It doesn't make things any better if you criticize your answerers like that.

  • Probably because people don't want to give away their face. It's a form of identity protection, or privacy.

    Why are you asking this anonymously? Because you don't want other users to know who you are/who is asking this.

    • But that's the whole point. You don't HAVE to have a picture of a person. So protecting your identity can be done without faking an identity and misleading other people. You can use no picture at all, some random picture of whatever (a muffin, a frog, a bike, etc.) or you can choose to protect yourself by posting anonymously (which is what I do, to answer your question).

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  • They are looking for attention. A lot of guys will upvote, friend request and chat a girl whos display picture looks good. Actually, any girl that has a dp of herself whether she's pretty or not(or who's she's pretending to be) generally gets more attention that girls who don't.

    • I guess it just never occurred to me that girls (or people in general on here) give a rat's ass about attention. It also amazes me that guys are so naive on the internet.

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    • This is how I think too. I feel good about myself becuase I work out and put effort into myself, so I get compliments from guys in real life and don't need to look for them on here. The confidence boost is false but I can see how girls fall into it. Guys on here ask for pictures all the time "just to see who they're talking to" and when I don't send pics, they stop talking to me LOL. I understand how some girls with low self esteem want to keep the attention of a guy and will do anything for it

    • That never happens to me since I always post anonymously and so nobody notices me or talks to me. I agree with you though, for girls who don't get the attention offline, the internet can be a very tempting thing. Even if the sort of guys who give you attention are probably the ones you really do not or should not want attention from.

  • Girls do that because of online white knights who will shower them with compliments and give them attention

    My theory is that those girls are unattractive and at least when using fake pics, they get male attention

    This is an example of an internet white knight:

    "lol you're just jealous because they're getting compliment and you don't. the truth is you're ugly or below average that's why you're not confident to post your own pic. you take time to know these people's profile pics if fake or not because you're insecure. then ask this question so everyone will know that her pic is fake. smart bitch move lol"

    • Haha I have to agree with you. There's definitely two sides: the girls who pretend to be someone hot and the most likely not very handsome boys who get online and naively defend all the fakers that are either not very pretty or maybe boys/men themselves. And yes, I don't think a girl who's pretty and gets enough attention IRL feels the need to fake things online. I know I don't. I just want to be left alone on here and not be hit on. Especially when there are guys like the one you quoted. Sad!

  • I think they also use it to attract guys to fall in love with them or to have sex chats lol.

  • some people are ugly I guess lol and get some weird satisfaction from the weird ass guys on gag flirting with them or thinking their cute.

    • Hahaha ;-)

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    • Oh some or several idiot(s) just used them to make a few fake accounts. I used to have lots of pictures a few years ago, so I guess it was my own fault. Should have known that there are too many freaks out there to just leave my pics accessible for everyone.

    • im scared lol I don't want people using my angel face to troll.