Why does this guy send me unnecessary text responses a day later?

I may be thinking too much into this so I need people's opinion. There's this guy I use to speak to alot, every single day basically every minute. He would always initiate contact but then we ended kind of abruptly. Now on some random days, I would get a text from him to see how I'm doing. Whenever the convo dies with basically me saying stuff like "ohh okk", I don't get a message back from him which is expected but then a day later I get a text from him responding to my "ohh okk" with a "yea". It didn't require an answer so why after the next day he felt the need to answer? And it's not like he did it once, he did it a couple times. Is there a reason why he does it or am I thinking too much into it?

I use to like him but things never fully developed with us. Smh


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  • He really does expect an answer because he wants to keep talking to you.

    It must be that he really likes you a lot.


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  • I do this a lot but only with my greatest crush. You're special for him. Luck


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  • I don't know why he does that. O_O Hmmm. Maybe he just doesn't wanna be the one that doesn't reply?And also I think he has a thing for you, but clearly doesn't know how to show it properly.