Does he like me back?

okay well I have a crush on this guy ... we started talking on Facebook and then he gave me his number ... so we started testing each other ... we Haven't officialy met yet and yet go to the same high school.. he's say because he's to shy ... but sometimes when I walk by him he looks at me ...and one time when I walk by his friends were like pushing him and stuff ... and yeah that's pretty much it ... but there's a problem we would text all the time but he recently stop texting me ... so I messaged him on Facebook and he like because I don't feel like talking ... and he texted me days later and then stoped again


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What Guys Said 1

  • He really does like you back. Perhaps, he can't prolong the conversation long enough so he tends not to reply at all.


What Girls Said 1

  • ugh negative, you need to just keep it moving. At first I thought yeah maybe he's shy but after your wrote him on FB and he said he didn't feel like texting you... ugh that's a no, no. keep it moving you are too young for some kid to be playing around with you like that.. well that's me.