Should I text him First?

A few weeks ago I made a great impression that I'm one funny and cool person. He said that we must text everyday.. So yeah he thinks I'm cute,cool and really funny (Awesome!) Not to mention he said that we should go see a movie next weekend(yayy!) Yesterday we text a little bit and after talking about something he said that I'm very pretty, I complimented him back and he said"lol thanks" I didn't reply back because I didn't want to seem annoying or boring(because of his 2-worded texts). So I went all day today having fun with some of my friends and didn't text him and he didn't either... uhmm should I text him tomorrow or just leave it to him?

(btw he prob texts first about 60% of the time and we are in high school if that helps)

Let him text you first I guess, then you'll know if he is interested and doesn't think you're annoying.


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  • You should text him first tomorrow. You don't want the fun and attraction to subside.


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  • No.

  • Just leave it to him. If he wants you, he will text yha back.


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