Testing and Dating?

In what ways will a guy test a girl he is dating? My friends and I were talking about it last night and now I'm curious as to what other thinks


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  • I wouldn't say I test, but look for a certain personality maybe. One thing I look for or sorta test is if they lie a lot. Because the last chick was a player and attention wh*re, she loved to just say whatever to make the guy like them.

    I look for girls who aren't afraid to be themselves, and have self respect. Girls who I know got my back. I don't have to worry about them saying good things to my face, then talking trash when I turn around. Also, I search for red flags during our conversations. How her past relationships ended?How does she treat other people? Does she blame other people for everything or is she able to admit her mistakes and faults?<that's pretty big.

    I almost always ask her viewpoints on things first, so she can't agree with whatever I say. I want her have a mind and opinion of her own, and stand by those opinions. That's what I view as a strong woman is even if we disagree on something it doesn't tear us apart...we merely just disagree. So, its not really a test...but sort of is.


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  • For the most part, I don't test a girl, at all. Mainly because I think mindgames are stupid and immature. However, that doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. I am.

    I'm the kind of guy who hears things, and thinks about things, as well as I pay attention to behavior and patterns. So if she does something, and it doesn't match up, I ask her. If I hear something, I consider the source, and if it seems to fit, I investigate, but never anything that flatout violates her trust. Eventually I will tell her what I did, too, because I'm not dishonest. If needed, I will ask questions, but believe me, I will be paying attention.

    Y'see, I trust the girls I date, completely, until I am given reason to doubt said trust. If the trust is shaken, I will look into it. If things check out OK, then I will drop it. If not, then it's over. Still, my memory is sharper than most people might think, and I'm smarter than most give me credit, so if you don't lie to me, things should match up, and I will trust you. In return I will always stay honest as well. After all, trust is a two way street.

    In short, I don't play games. I just check up on facts when things don't add up. If that ends badly, it's over. I have no time for people who aren't trustworthy.


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  • i think both guys and girls definitely test one another.

    it can be in many different ways... texting (too much -- this person is too into me, too little ---are they interested, too fast can come across as needy).. how they respond to questions asked can give the other person an idea on maturity or personality... etc.

    i think the 'testing' is all part of seeing if you want to really date somebody or not.

  • Wow, I would like to have answers from guys to this questions...

    me as a girl... I think we girls tend more to 'testing' a guy. guys just want someone whos pretty, someone who is fun and that's it. that's why guys replace girls easier and girls have much higher expectations... sad but true.

  • Honesty, the ability to just relax and go with the flow of the surroundings, not giving up sex too early. if you are boring, depressing life. Men want a woman that is confident and happy so don't burden him with your problems unless he is 3 months or more into being your boyfriend. Most of all just be yourself never lose the true meaning of YOU in a relationship. Put you 1st together with him so what's best for you is most likely best for him e.g. safe sex practice