He cancelled our first date. Should I give him a second chance?

So know this guy because he works where my ex used to work. He became Facebook friends with me and started messaging me. (He is not friends with my ex though) Then he started texting me. We have been texting each other everyday for more than a month. He seems like he is a nice guy and he always sends me funny texts. He always has initiated the conversation too. However, we were supposed to meet on Saturday. I still live with my parents and I am 19. He said that he would pick me up. But later on that Saturday he cancelled saying that he wasn't able to get his license plates renewed. He said this "Yea I've got some bad news about that...the people who check the VIN aren't there on the weekend so I couldn't get my plates". But it sounded flakey because the DMV is not open on Saturdays. He keeps on texting me saying that we should meet the next weekend. I don't know if picking me up at my house and running into my parents freaked him out or if he thought that I'd give him a ride because I always used to give my ex rides. Should I give him a second chance and see if he doesn't make up an excuse to cancel?


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  • yes don't send him packing till the actual date


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  • That is definitely strange, but don't let it be a deal breaker.


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