Kiss crises!!! help me please

im in 8th grade high school in 4 months a lot of people like me and I've had boyfriends befor they all wanted to kiss me but I was too scared so I broke up with most of them how do I get over it and get one to now kiss me ?


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  • It's not really something you think about. Just look into your boyfriends eyes, tilt you head, go in while parting your lips, and kiss. Simple as that.


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  • If you're breaking up with them because you are too afraid to kiss them because you don't like them enough to get physical in anyway you should probably get to know them better or find someone else that you are interested in. Find a boy you WANT to kiss, if you get nervous beforehand that's normal, it makes it more exciting. Start out with a kiss on the cheek if you want. Taking it slow and moving from there makes it easier to step it up.

    • ok I will and thank you ! yes I am breaking up with them because I'm to scared to kiss them or they get annoying by trying to push me into kissing them asking everyday so when are we going to kiss !