Online dating, when to ask for their number?

So I am doing this online dating thing. I am messaging a few people I think they are cool and I want to ask for their numbers so we can text and I don't have to feel so glued to my computer. But I also don't want to appear to forward, for some of them we only have been messaging a few days. And advice?


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  • So I am online dating, too (I actually just had my fourth date with this girl I have mixed feelings for), but in my experience it's better to start with e-mails before numbers.

    After a girl responds to my message we typically exchange e-mail addresses...but I can't really speak from experience since I am still new as well and have only gotten responses from 3 girls or so (out of like 17 sent messages).

    I think it's best to only give out numbers just prior to a first date so it is easier and less confusing to meet up. You should look up some events maybe and ask them if they would be up for giving them a try.

    I'm still dating the first girl, but I'm not sure what our relationship is exactly. I like hanging out with her and being buddy-buddy, but there doesn't seem to be much physical attraction between us. I have no idea how she feels about me, though (I don't want to hurt her feelings if she wants to be more than friends).


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  • i thought it wasn't so complicated with guys of your age :)

    besides, I don't believe that asking for the phone number imposes any responsibility on you or your dates.

  • you could either give it a few days, or be bold. if you want something you never had, do something youve never done before.

    could you help me with my question?


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  • Simply keep on messaging those people. Talk a lot to them.

    Also, try Skyping them so that you will have a good time spending time with them, like in a face to face encounter, even if it's just through the computer.

    Then, you can ask for their number. It's not complicated.