Is he just not that into me?

so a guy got back from deployment in norfolk, so he need to get something from his cousins house in annapolis so he's like hey ill see you in d.c. while I pass through, like sure I'm down. so anyways we go to the the museum of natural history and museum of the navy, and we got food, he ends up paying during the entire date I had my had my arm wrapped around his, so it was nice, so we get back to my room and he's undecided whether he should stay the night Because its a long drive back. but he had to go to his cousins house to pick some things up. so I'm like if you want to come back after and you can stay the night he like ill text you if I do, so I'm like ight. so he's leaving and gives me a hug and I'm like no kiss? so he kisses me puts his tongue in my stomach and he bites my lip and he's off. so I go to work but I left early so I texted him "hey I got off early so you can swing by if you want" and I even messaged him on fb. he never texted me or messaged me, we have been talking everyday before and he normally texts me morning or goodnight but nothing. so I wake up like 3 in the morning and I see he checks into buffalo wild wings in NORFOLK so it made me mad, like I know I'm not his girlfriend, but he could of given me a heads up ya know?


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  • It happens, seems like he just forgot or something. Right not the ball is in his court and you let him come to you. You can try to send him another message but I always feel like that makes me look needy/clingy. But he took you and and seemed interested in you psychically. If nothing else you have that. But give him some time, if you feel like you need to nudge him send him a message and I wish the best of you... just keep in mind even if he has a reason to have not told you, he still didn't give you a heads up

    • so its been a week, and obviously he's not gonna touch base with me at this point, but I texted him "thanks for not texting me"

    • at least you had nice date. It sounded like a nice experience. I hate not getting an answer from people. No is one thing but at least its an answer, no answer is just annoying. You might hear from him again if it suits his needs, but even if you do is it worth it? I'd say just let him go, at least you got a date out of it, and keep in mind he seemed to be attracted to you. So its not you, its him... as cliche as that sounds.


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  • You just can't trust these military guys to stay focused, y'know?

  • It seems that he just forgot to remind you. Give him more chances.


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