Why did she block my calls?

To start off, I talked to my girlfriend last Friday afternoon, the last thing we talked about is her coming up to attend military ball with me this weekend. We have been going out for a few months now. She said how she was going to not tell me her arrival date so that she could surprise me and how she thought that this guy she recently befriended has a crush on her(of which I have figured for a while) and told her that I thought so too. All of Saturday goes by and I am wrapping up my stay at home so I don't text/call her. On Sunday night I send her a text telling her that I'm getting excited for her arrival and can't wait to see her again and if she wanted to talk I was free later that evening. Finally on Monday I haven't heard from her so I decided to give her a call... this is when I realized that she has blocked my number? My ultimate question would be; what would cause her to do this? I didn't think I said anything hurtful and I hadn't been overly needy(sending multiple texts/calls her way) Any suggestions?

So went to call her this morning just for the heck of it... now it says that I have typed in an invalid number or code. I have no clue what's going on...


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  • Bitches be crazy, nuff said

    • Haha, this seems to be the unanimous response


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  • Just because she has blocked your number doesn't mean anything. When she comes over, ask her, in a nice way, why she blocked your number. It could have been an accident or maybe she was trying to surprise you. Don't jump to conclusions. When in doubt, communication is key.

  • It seems like she really wants to surprise you this coming military ball. Simply go there, and also, there might be an explanation behind this.