Should I tell my guy friend, who likes me more than a friend, that I am dating someone?

I met my friend Edgar about 9 months ago in college. We sat together during class, lunch, etc... but unfortunately in the next semester our schedules got switched and now I have my classes in the morning and his classes are in the afternoon. During this time Edgar had a girlfriend, but she was living 7 hours away from him, and she never liked our friendship. On the other hand, I met a guy in one of my morning classes, and we started talking and going out, until he asked me to date him 2 months ago. Before I started dating my boyfriend, I found out from a close friend that Edgar liked me, and I had noticed that before, but I never gave him any signals for anything because I knew he was dating someone, and I didn't want to get between them. I just found out like 2 weeks ago that Edgar broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years. They are not together anymore. I asked Edgar about it and he said that because of the distance their relationship wasn't working right. We never stopped talking, but now that he is single he has started to call me more often, message me, he brings me chocolates to school, food, etc... I have never asked him about his feelings towards me, and I will not do it. The problem is that he doesn't know I am dating someone, and I am afraid that if I tell him he will stop talking to me. I know how he is, his personality and I am afraid our friendship will change. What do I do?


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  • Simply tell him that you're already dating someone. It might hurt him but that's better than letting him spend time and money on you, just clinging to false hopes.


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  • This is a no brain-er! Tell him!

    You have found out that he likes you, and he seems to be interested in you now that his relationship ended. So letting him do all these things, and not telling him you are seeing someone because you don't want the friendship to change is selfish.

    On a side note, if he DOES stop talking to you because you are seeing someone maybe he is not the kind of friend you should want to have around. Friends are supposed to support you and be there for you. BUT it might also be for a different reason, like that it hurts him, for you to be with someone else.