How long should I Wait?

I met a guy a few days ago, we it it off and I gave him my number. later that nite, he texted me back. We went back and forth for a while just texting. I thought is was going well, but then I get 2 days of radio silence. Is he playing a game? Is he just not into me? Am I just paranoid? should I wait just a little longer before I give up?


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  • Somebody has to quit playing the game. If you REALLY like him pickup the phone and call


What Girls Said 1

  • If I were you I'd shoot him a text! Ask what's up, or just say hey. Don't really be clingy and bring up that he hasn't texted you back though, just be laid back about it! He's probably just busy, or maybe he doesn't know what else to say? A really good idea would be to call and ask him on a date!