Do girls/women really care about what job a guy has or how much he makes or how long it takes to get hired?

realistically though I understand that there should be a goal or a reason for it taking so long or whatever. But I feel that girls put so much more precedence on this then guys do. For instance a girl would never marry a guy who is a cashier for a living, but a guy might, even if he has a crappy job. It always seems like there is so much more pressure for a guy to succeed than a woman. I'm not saying that there aren't any expectations or societal norms that women are pressured by. It does seem like men have to measure up to a lot more than woman when it comes down to it. I've never been on a date or been in a relationship so everything I think I know about relationships comes from TV or whatever I build up in my head (which I know I'm going to get slammed for saying that). If you're like me and you are shy and have absolutely no confidence and experience with girls, they won't even look at you as a potential first date...that I know for sure!


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  • Stop with the succeed crap. There are men out there who have no jobs and still get poon. It's your personality.


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  • Depends on the girl


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  • Yes, they do care a lot. They always see a guy as a "provider" for their "family and kids".

    In your situation, it seems that you just lack confidence with girls.