Ladies would you date an emotionally immature guy?

I'm 28 and have only had sex with one girl. Figured out she was a sociopath and we cut things off. She'd taken a lot of money from me and cheated on me many times. My friend and I hacked her email and found detailed plans on her Google drive about her notes on various people, their motivations and what "tactics" worked best. Googling the terms we found many references to neuro-linguistic programming, guilt trips, pity plays and mindwashing tehcniques.

Figure I'm decently attractive to women, about 6'2'', moderately endowed and roughly athletic. Have been offered sex by female contacts before but I'm more of a monogamy sort of guy. Reasonably successful, live overseas and make more than maybe 80% of people my age. Try to treat women with respect, even though I'm a little nervous socially around people until I get to know them.


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  • Wow, your ex sounds like a pretty special woman. As you get older, you'll find more and more of them are crazy by the way (the sane ones don't frighten off men, so they end up married), so you may want to look young - 18-25.

    I'd also suggest looking at non-English speaking women. It's generally considered fact in the world that English-speaking women (Brits, Ozzies, Kiwis and Yanks) are not suitable for dating, let alone marriage.

    I've heard a lot of good things about eastern European women. They're the real deal - they're in shape, intelligent, feminine and womanly without being docile or servile (for that, look in Asian countries). They respect their man as he respects them, in a mutual and equal adult relationship. Not the western woman's idea of a relationship, which means the guy serving their every need in exchange for sex.


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  • Not all women are nuts, though that ones sounds ready for for commitment (the padded wall kind). To me it just sounds like you need some time to recover from her and start to trust again. I'm sure there are women who will give you a chance. Most of us have been through some experience where we got hurt, its the moving on, and even forgiving, that's the hard part.

  • You seem very emotionally mature to me. If what you mean is a guy that has not had many sexual partners, then I will tell you it doesn't matter to me. I would prefer a guy who hasn't had sex with half the world, that's just nasty. It seems like you need time to get over that crazy ex of yours. Don't rush into things, have some time to yourself. And not all of us are insane :) and you sound like a dream boyfriend.


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  • They always do...