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How often should a girl initiate texting?

This guy has texted me first about 10 times in the past few weeks. I've only initiated once, I want to look interested without looking clingy. (I... Show More

He does know I like him and he told me that he likes me. We went out a couple times already. I just want him to know I'm still interested, but not clingy.

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  • I just text when I want. I remember we used to talk on the phone in high school lol. The iPhone changed that though. Why not tell him if you're interested? I would think the texting thing would show how often you want to communicate rather than if you like him. What I mean is I wouldn't necessarily think someone wanted to be more than friends if they text me.

  • I think txting should turn into more of phone calling at night and then you wouldn't have that problem.

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